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Night of Hope 2016 - Xavier College Preparatory

Saturday, November 5, 2016, 5:30pm

For information (602) 354-2345, e-mail


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Our Mission:


     Recognizing that Catholic education is vital to the future of our Church, the mission of Night of Hope is to make a Catholic education in the Diocese of Phoenix affordable and accessible to those who truly want to bring up their children in a loving, faith-filled environment. We hope to do this by increasing funding for scholarships throughout the Diocese.

 Our Vision:

     Night of Hope is an evening celebrating the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Phoenix. By bringing members of every school community together, we want to showcase our common faith foundation while sharing each school's unique identity. We look forward to an evening that highlights the achievements of our students and is centered around fellowship and celebration.

Our Goal:

     The ability to provide scholarships to every child seeking a Catholic education is the goal of the Night of Hope.  It is our hope to provide a Catholic education to more and more students each year.

How Can You Help?

     Your gift in support of Night of Hope will be a lasting gift to the schools in our diocese. Your gift has the potential to change thousands of lives now and in the future. Your gift will reach into our poorest neighborhoods, giving the endless blessing of a faith-based education to a child who truly needs it. With your gift, you strengthen the legacy given to each of us, ensuring that it will continue for generations to come, opening up the possibilities of a Catholic education for every child.

Guardian of Hope Award:

     The 2015 Guardian of Hope Award recipients are Margaret Gillespie and Cecilia and Michael Frakes.